VOJ & 3ska - Inspire Remixed
  • Cat Number
  • KIWI03
  • Release date
  • March 3, 2017
  • Author
  • 3SKA
  • Remixer
  • DNCH
  • Artwork
  • Saboteur

VOJ & 3ska - Inspire Remixed

  1. VOJ, 3ska - High (Turtlesquad Remix)
  2. VOJ, 3ska - Swan feat. Anezka (DNCH Remix)
  3. VOJ, 3ska - I Can’t Loose You (3ska & DNCH Remix)
  4. VOJ, 3ska - Till Next Sunrise (Misology Remix)
  5. VOJ, 3ska - I Can’t Loose You (Tekstrue Remix)
  6. VOJ, 3ska - Swan feat. Anezka (Smeti Remix)
  7. VOJ, 3ska - I Can’t Loose You (Real Transported Man Remix)

“I got seven days to live my life or seven ways to die,” David Bowie used to sing. We will not be so dramatic on Kiosek Records, but we've also got seven... Seven Czech producers and their seven remixes. 3ska, a member of the Kiosek family, joined forces some time ago with VOJ, a talented singer, and they created some emotional music together. Their Inspire EP was released on Bandcamp last November and it takes emotions head-on. Just the way it should be in the autumn. 3ska himself then picked producers to remix the tracks. Turtlesquad, DNCH, Misology, Tekstrue, Smeti, Real Transported Man as well as the author of the originals each found their own way of taking on the tracks. And we are happy to showcase their work now on Kiosek Records. Because they are all seven ways to live...
Mastered by Gargle&Expel
Artwork by Saboteur

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