About us

We are a bunch of friends who turn the unique atmosphere of Prague into the signature sound of Kiosek Records. Founded by Sam (Saku) and Georgi (Line Of Sight) in 2014, the label is open to different styles, but its main focus is deep breaks and tech.

The two masterminds are assisted by a devoted crew. Our own sound wizard Tomas (Gargle&Expel) recently relocated to Prague from Dublin and knows a thing or two about getting the very best out of the tracks. Cover art and other graphics are the domain of Mike (Comandeer), whose studio, Mimatik, also designed our website. Radek, our Brussels connection, is our copywriter and translator. And it all works together thanks to Adelka, the latest addition to the crew. Ljuba, another key squad member, is currently taking care of her new baby, but we already look forward to having her back. But the label would not exist without the amazing support of our partners, families and friends. And definitely not without those who produce, play, buy and listen to our tracks.

Thanks and see you on the inside of the Kiosek sound!