• Cat Number
  • KIK020
  • Release date
  • Oct. 9, 2015
  • Author
  • DNCH


  1. Boiled (Original Mix)
  2. 1047pm (Original Mix)
  3. Mister Frust (Original Mix)
Energy and technical precision are the hallmarks of TCHFNK, a new EP by DNCH (Danchez). His own take on contemporary breaks takes you to a seemingly familiar territory with familiar beats and familiar sounds, but the production on all three tracks is unsettlingly precise. As if it was intent on cutting off those parts of the soul that give any meaning to personality. As if it was exploring the question that everyone is sometimes asking - you've got loads of friends, but who is truly close to you? As if this piece of music was not produced by a human. Wait, who said DNCH was human? Mastered by Gargle&Expel Artwork by Comandeer

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