Jiro - Low Frequencies / Trapped In Time
  • Cat Number
  • KIK010
  • Release date
  • Feb. 5, 2015
  • Author
  • Jiro

Jiro - Low Frequencies / Trapped In Time

  1. Jiro - Low Frequencies (Original Mix)
  2. Jiro - Trapped In Time (Original Mix)

Jiro is the man of the moment, or maybe of the last six months when he would come up with a fresh release almost every week. Kiosek Records now brings you two tracks that betray some drum-and-bass inspiration. The fat bass in Low Frequencies rolls like a heavy-duty train and Trapped in Time takes you right back to old-school rave parties. Is this Spanish blues? No, this is breakbeat! Mastered by Gargle&Expel Artwork by Comandeer

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