Cafeman - Bangers Delight
  • Cat Number
  • KIK018
  • Release date
  • July 27, 2015
  • Remixer
  • Jiro

Cafeman - Bangers Delight

  1. Cafeman - Bangers Delight (Original Mix)
  2. Cafeman - Bangers Delight (Jiro Remix)
  3. Cafeman - Bangers Delight (Llupa 'Moretti' Remix)
A bulldozer rolled into our studio and tore it down. Figuratively speaking. But that night, having dealt with a bottle of whisky, two comical figures could be seen swaying and gesticulating erratically in a dusky room. Literally speaking. This is how it was when we were finalising our release number 18. Cafeman's production takes no hostages. Same goes for Jiro, only he breaks the beat a bit more. And Llupa kicks the groove up a notch, somewhat hypnotising the dancefloor. This release is dancey, we kid you not, for we tested it on ourselves. Mastered by Gargle&Expel Artwork by Comandeer

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