Robosapiens - Unfollow
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  • KIWI04
  • Release date
  • July 3, 2017
  • Author
  • Robosapiens
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  • Comandeer

Robosapiens - Unfollow

  1. Robosapiens, Jack Martin (UK) - We Are Legion (Intro) / Cool Kids (Original Mix)
  2. Robosapiens, Derren N - Rise Up Resist (Original Mix)
  3. Robosapiens - FSociety (Original Mix)
  4. Robosapiens - Sonar (Original Mix)
  5. Robosapiens, Yosh (UK) - Oxytocin (Original Mix)
  6. Robosapiens, Derren N - Ghosts In The Machine (Original Mix)
  7. Robosapiens - Empire (Original Mix)
  8. Robosapiens - Monster (Original Mix)
  9. Robosapiens, Derren N - This Is The End Save Yourself (Original Mix)
  10. Robosapiens, Vicky Cann - Nation (Original Mix)

Unfollow. A reflection of the state of our modern lives, or a call to arms to rise up and resist the powers that want to control us?
Music has always been a reflection of what is going on in our lives. It has always reacted to what is happening in the society and politics. Some of the best music has been made in the worst of times. And 2017 very much feels like the worst of times.
Rigged elections, rise of the far right, the threat of nuclear war.
Corporations, the new “Monster", having more power than governments.
Celebrity politicians ruling over their “Empires” built on fabrication and crafty social media presence.
You voted for this.
Distracted by branding and consuming, our lives have become so apathetic and so anxious that we embraced technology as an escape.
We all got our little handheld devices that offered us white noise, a Pandora's box of entertainment. So engrossing that none of us can look up and see the world around us.
The promise was that social media would set us free. Instead, the powers that be quickly realised that they can use this technology to increase control.
Now we live our lives under constant surveillance and paranoia.
Hooked on our new distraction, trapped in an echo chamber of our own lives, social media showed us only what we want to see based on our browsing habits.
Now we have fake news, Brexit, Trump. Now we have a society of "Cool Kids", intent on being famous for nothing. The stars of their own reality show. Their lives are in the public domain - good and bad, nothing is taboo as long as it gets hits.
All of this white noise distracting us from the world going to shit, as we consume the next thing, so that we fit into society.
“F*ck society”
Unfollow is saying you can’t ignore this anymore.
So you want to join us?
It is not a movement or a club. There is no charter, no manifest.
For a brief period we share the same route. Share a common goal, purpose or dislike.
And on this journey together, we may well change the world.
May 2017.


Kiosek Records in cooperation with Dead Famous Records, 2017

All tracks by Phill Corpe & Jamie Flukes
Except track 1 with Jack Martin
2, 6, 9 with Derren N
5 with Yosh
10 with Vicky Cann

Mastered By: Danny Bonnici (Liquid Mixes)
Artwork By: Comandeer

Robosapiens use D16 products (

Dedicated to Senshu, Kaishu and Yoshiko

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