Grove, Brada - Blind Forest Pt. 2
  • Cat Number
  • KIK049B
  • Release date
  • Nov. 27, 2019
  • Authors
  • Brada, Grove
  • Artwork
  • Simon Shackleton, Comandeer

Grove, Brada - Blind Forest Pt. 2

  1. Blind Forest (Original Mix)
  2. Rain (Original Mix)

(continued) The pony gives his bells a shake / To ask if there is some mistake. / The only other sound’s the sweep / Of easy wind and downy flake. // The breaks are lovely, dark and deep / But I have promises to keep / And hours to dance before I sleep / And hours to dance before I sleep. //
The forest has revealed another surprise: following up on Grove's single last week, Kiosek is now proud to release his collaboration with another Prague legend, Brada. Years ago, the two forest lovers worked together under the Los Dodos moniker. Now they are back to bring you another atmospheric treasure.

Mastered by Gargle&Expel
Photo by Simon Shackleton
Artwork by Comandeer 

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