Groofeo - Awakened / One Love
  • Cat Number
  • KIK021
  • Release date
  • Oct. 23, 2015

Groofeo - Awakened / One Love

  1. Groofeo - Awakened (Original Mix)
  2. Groofeo - One Love (Original Mix)
Do we like bass music? Yeah! How do we like it? Deep! Well, we are deeply into all deep music, really. After a few dancey tracks (that were of course at least somewhat deep, too), we go right off the deep end into the deepest deepness of deep with this deep single. Sit down low in your armchair, and these tracks wrap around you like the deepest night. Thing is, Groofeo's creation is a minimalistic probe deep into soul. And that goes rather well with the autumn. But otherwise rest assured we're quite a happy bunch here at Kiosek Records! Mastered by Gargle&Expel Artwork by Comandeer