Emphonic - Alebrije / Parfume
  • Cat Number
  • KIK043
  • Release date
  • Feb. 18, 2019
  • Author
  • Emphonic
  • Artwork
  • Comandeer

Emphonic - Alebrije / Parfume

  1. Emphonic - Alebrije
  2. Emphonic - Parfume

One night, in a feverish dream, Emphonic found himself in an enchanted Mexican forest. The trees, rocks and mist suddenly turned into bizarre animals. A bright green lion with wings, yellow monkey with horns, red rabbit with frog's legs... all of them piercing him with bulging eyes and chanting one strange word, "Alebrije". When he woke up, he recreated the fantastical creatures in music. The track, brimming with magical energy yet fragile as if built from papier-mâché, now appears on Kiosek. And to add another dimension to the sensorial experience, Emphonic sprayed the flip side with some atmospheric parfume. 

Mastered by: Gargle & Expel 
Artwork by: Comandeer

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