Panda (CZ)

Jan Špáta a.k.a. Panda is an electronic music producer from Prague, CZ. He was passionate about music since his early childhood, listening to his fathers records from 60s till 80s. In 1994 he experimented with making sound effects on his double decked cassette recorder, following by making his own tracks using guitar, mic, old keyboard and a multiple rack analog mixer. After that he started to learn playing drums for several years, which was starting to overlap with his interest in electronic music. Using computer to explore making that he quickly got addicted to it. Mainly under the influence of techno parties Panda started to make intense techno tracks. As he got deeper into different DAWs, the tempo of his tracks was slowing down through dnb to breakbeat. Producing breakbeat lead to gathering with crew which stimulated him even more, shortly after that his first track "So Help Me" was released on a Presence compilation by Pragues famous undergound club Punto Azul. Panda started to send tracks to various radio 1 Djs and that was the reason to do several interviews there and also lead to another track "Shamhafter" released on Elemental records as a part of Breakbeat Conference compilation. By the time some collaborations with DJ GreenR were has been made and released on "Speedstop" music festival compilations. Around 2005 he met two guys (producer Del and DJ Cayman) who joined him in his studio. From this moment they start to produce together in a project called "Anomal Planet" ( )and his music taste inevitably begun to slightly shift. Experimenting with different genres made his production less predictable and some tracks of his own may be heard on Kiosek records label...

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